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mas e do thoil e
if it pleases you (used by some as please)

Cuideachadh leis a' mhapa / Map help

Note that Gaelic tends not to use this expression much and that politeness is expressived differently by native speakers, for example by:

  • wording an order as a question
  • using the verb saoil
  • using sibh instead of thu

Cruthan eile an fhacail

Beachdan nam fileantach/Fluent speaker judgements: 3
Chan eil mi eòlach air an fhacal seo idir / I don't know this word 0 %
Tuigidh mi am facal seo ach cha chleachd mi e / I know this word but don't use it 33.33 %
Tuigidh is cleachdaidh mi am facal seo / I know this word and use it 66.67 %