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brath /brah/
fir. gin. -a, iol. -an
1 (act of) betraying, giving away 2 betrayal 3 treachery, treason 4 (act of) informing (on) 5 information, knowledge 6 (act of) having designs/intention(s) (up)on 7 (act of) making/heading for (something) with intention(s) (up)on 8 message, notification, notice (also in law) 9 (act of) taking (unfair) advantage (of) 10 (unfair) advantage

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Cruthan eile an fhacail

Beachdan nam fileantach/Fluent speaker judgements: 48
Chan eil mi eòlach air an fhacal seo idir / I don't know this word 0 %
Tuigidh mi am facal seo ach cha chleachd mi e / I know this word but don't use it 0 %
Tuigidh is cleachdaidh mi am facal seo / I know this word and use it 100 %