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á(s) /as ~ asəm asəd as aʃdʲə asɪNʲ asɪv asdə/ Listen
roi. (ás an; asam, asad, ás, aiste, asainn, asaibh, asta)
from, (out) of (Note: ás is the indefinite and definite form historically, á is used before a consonant)

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In the table below, the regions of dialectal/colloquial forms are marked but this is indicative i.e. they may not occur elsewhere too. For example, a form marked Lewis may also occur on Skye but may not have been recorded in the literature to date.

  IPA Meaning Colloquial/dialectal variants
asam /asəm/ out of me easam /ɛsəm/ (Ag/K/P/Su)
 asam-sa /asəmsə/ out of ME  
asad /asəd/ out of you east /ɛsd/ (Ag/P), easad /ɛsəd/ (K/Su)
 asad-sa /asədsə/ out of YOU  
as /as/ out of him eas /ɛs/ (Ag/K/P)
 as-san /asən/ out of HIM  
aiste /aʃdʲə/ out of her aiste /ɛʃdʲɔ/ (B), aiste /ɛʃdʲə/ (Ag/K), aist /ɛʃdʲ/ (P/Su) 
 aiste-se /aʃdʲəʃə/ out of HER  
asainn /asɪNʲ/ out of us easn /ɛsn/ (P), easainn /ɛsɪNʲ/ (K)
 asainne /asɪNʲə/ out of US  
asaibh /asɪv/ ~ /asu/ out of youse asaib /asɪb/ (R/S), easaibh /ɛsɪ/ (P), easaibh /ɛsu/ (Su), easaibh /ɛsɪv/ (K)
 asaibh-se /asɪvʃə/ out of YOUSE asaib-sa /asɪbsə/ (R)
asta /asdə/ out of them asta /astɔ/ (B), easta /ɛsdə/ (Ag), east /ɛsd/ (P/Su)
 asta-san /asdəsən/ out of THEM  

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