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-aig, -an, sf dim of poll. Little pool, hole, pit or pond. 2 Dimple. 3 Gwiniad, powan, schelly (coregonus laveratus). fresh-water herring, found in lakes in Wales and Cumberland. 4 Pollack, lythe (pollachius pollachius). 5 Whiting (merlangius merlangus). 6 Pollan, powan, vendace (coregonus pollan). 7 (AC) Corn-mortar — a primitive form of hand-mill consisting of a hollowed-out stone. The grain was placed in the hollow and pounded into flour with a stone pestle. Flour thus prepared was called “min-phronntaidh” (bruised flour). The pollag, which is a more primitive form of mill than the quern, was in use in the Outer Hebrides in comparatively recent, times. 8 (Fionn) Nostril — Lorn. 9(AH) Potato pit left out on the field during winter and spring. 10 see pollair.

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