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leòis, sm Blaze, flame. 2 Light, ray of light, glimmering light. 3** Fir-candle. 4 Torch used in fishing at night. 5 Blister. 6|| Cataract on the eye, blemish or white spot on the eye. 7** Link. 8 Gall. 9 Bladder. 10‡‡ Lightning, flash of lightning. 11* Blink, glimmer. 12 Young man. An dreach mar leòis, their appearance like torches; chan eil leus solais an-seo, there is not a ray of light here; mil air do bheul ged robh leus air do theanga, honey on your mouth though a blister on your tongue; leus teine, a flame of fire, blaze; duine aig a bheil leus, a man who has a spot on his eye; leòis air a basaibh, blisters on her palms.

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