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-ean, sf Quality, dignity, rank. 2 Eve. 3 Condition, maturity, state of advancement or progression. 4 Size. Dé an inbhe a bheil thu? how far have you advanced? tha mi an inbhe mhath, I have made considerable progress; tha mi deas gu h-inbhe deich, I am prepared within ten; bha mi an inbhe 's an doras a dhùnadh, I was on the eve of shutting the door, I was hesitating whether to shut the door; a bheil iad an inbhe a bhith deas? are they near the close? thàinig i gu h-inbhe, she grew up to size or stature; seasaidh aon suas 'na h-inbhe, one shall stand up in her stead; an inbhe mhóir, in great dignity.

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