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-e, -ean & -eachan, sf Cry. 2* The death-watch, a tingling noise in the ear, supposed to portend news of death (tinnitus). 3 Long continued swelling cry, as of women when hearing of some disastrous catastrophe. Is fhada an éigh bho Loch Odha, it is a far cry from Loch Awe —expressive of its remoteness; tha an éigh 'nam chluais, gun gléidheadh Dia na as caomh leam, the death-watch is in my ear, may God keep all that are dear to me; éigh nam ban Muileach 's iad a' caoineadh 's a' tuireadh, the lamentation of the Mull women, mourning and lamenting, [this is given by * under éibh, but the correct form of the saying is “gaoir nam ban Muileach” &c]; éigh a' bhàis, the lamentable cry of death; thoir an éigh “shiud thu,” shout out “that's you”; éigh còmhraig, war-cry, shout of battle.

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