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-eòis & -a, sm & f Order, manner, condition, trim. 2 Mean, means. 3 Activity. 4 Action. 5 Provision, ration. 6 Furniture. 7 Readiness or preparation of any kind. 8 Lock of a gun. 9 Key or gamut in music. 10* Screw of a spinning-wheel. 11 Occasion (want). 12** Work. 13(CR) Wound — Suth'd. 14** Strength. 15 Exercise, as for one learning a language. Dé an gleus a th' ort? how are you? tha iad air ghleus, they are in trim; cuir air ghleus, prepare, make ready; thug aois dhìom gleus, age has deprived me of my readiness for action; chaidh e air ghleus, he prepared himself; fìdheall air ghleus, a violin in tune; gu gleus bàis, to the work of death; is trom dithis air an aon mhèis, gun aca ach an t-aon ghleus, two are heavy on one dish when there is but one ration; is math an gleus toil, will is a good putter-in trim; gleus Gàidhlig, a Gaelic exercise.

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