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(for ag) prep. At. This prep. when prefixed to infinitives or verbal nouns gives them the force or meaning of the present participle. 'G is used between two vowels, as, tha mi 'g òl, I am (at) drinking; có seo 'g aom air a luirg? who is this bending over his staff? though ag might well be written in all such instances in prose. When preceded by a consonant or followed by a vowel, it is written entire, as, bha 'anam ag éirigh gun fhiamh, his soul was rising fearlessly. Ag is sometimes used, even though followed by a consonant, as, gathanna lìomhta ag teàrnadh, polished darts descending. Between two consonants the g is often dropped, as Turloch a' caoidh a chloinne, T. bewailing his children.

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