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a. & pt pt of suidhich. Planned, settled, arranged, appointed, determined, fixed. 2 Placed, planted, set. 3 Let, let for rent. 4 Sedate, grave, steady. 5 Pitched, as a tent. 6 Established. 7 Composed. 8* Laid, as a foundation. 9* Pointed out. 10** Stationary. 12(DC) Married or deforis familiated (applied to the daughters of a family) — Argyll. Tha an t-áite suidhichte, the place is appointed or determined, the property is let; tha mi suidhichte air sin a dhèanamh, I am determined to do that; duine suidhichte, a sedate person; air an latha suidhichte, on the appointed day; is còir do na mnathaibh a bhith suidhichte, wives ought to be grave.

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