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-a, -an, sm & f Oath, imprecation. 2 Vow. 3 Curse. 4** Bell. †5 Crown of the head. †6 Skull. †7 Crown, diadem. 8* Declaration on oath. Saor bho mo mhionnaibh, free from my oath; mionn nach còir a dhèanamh cha chòir a gléidheil, an oath that ought not to be made ought not to be kept — a great deal could be said both for and against the morality of this proverb. If one ventures in a company of Gaels to disapprove of it, the retort usually is “then you think Herod acted rightly in beheading John the Baptist,” — which silences orthodox folk. Thoir mionnan, swear, give oath; gabh mionnan, administer an oath; ceangal nam mionn, the obligation of oaths; mionnan-eithich, a false oath. [nom. sing in Gairloch is mionna].

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