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prep pron With him or it. 2 In his company, along with him. 3 Being his property or right. 4 By means of, with what. 5 By, by reason of. 6 In favour of. 7 Belonging to. 8 Downhill. 9 Down the stream. 10 On account of. Cha b’ urrainn e faotainn tron choille leis cho tiugh ’s a bha i, he could not get through the wood on account of its thickness; a' dol leis, going along with him; leis fhéin, all alone, without assistance; leis an t-sruth, down the stream; ciod leis a ghlanas an t-òganach 'uile shlighe fhéin? by what means shall the young man purify all his ways? có leis thu? whose are you? tha mi leat-sa ma cheannaicheas tu mi, I am yours if you bribe me well; is leis an duine-uasal seo mi, I am the son (or daughter or servant) of this gentleman; ciod leis a nì thu e? by what means will you do it? có leis an déid thu? with whom will you go? leat-sa, along with you; leis an dithis seo, by means of these two; leis a' chabhaig, on account of the hurry; is aithreach leis, he regrets; có leis a tha thu? on whose side are you? leis a' ghaoith, with the wind; leis a' bhruthach, down the hill; leig e leis, he fainted, fagged; 2 he permitted him; bha leis gum faodadh e a h-earbsadh riutha, he thought he might trust her with (to) them; cuiridh mi tuillidh neart leis a' chloich an ath uair a thilgeas mi i, I will apply more strength to the stone the next time I throw it; an duine is leis iad (also, leis an leis iad and d' an leis iad — bad idiom. MM) the man to whom they belong. [For other idiomatic uses of leis, see under is].
In Arran, cuidich leat fhéin, help yourself; cuidich leis leis an obair, help him with the work.
In Lochalsh, thug mi leis e (for thug mi leam e), I brought it with me; a' bhean leis an robh i, generally used to signify, the woman whose she was, is in Lochalsh changed to, a' bhean a bha i leis. [DMK says that in Lochalsh such improper expressions are only made use of by the younger people and that he has heard some of the older people express their disgust at them].

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