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-aoibh, -an, sm Side, flank. 2 Course, way, direction. 3 Liking, kindness, friendship. 4 Partiality, favour, injustice. 5 Patronage, support, countenance, aid. 6 Cause, account. 7 Place, quarter. 8 Side-board of a cart. An taobh a-muigh, the outside, exterior; an taobh a-staigh, the inside, interior; an taobh cùil or an taobh air chùil, the hinder part; an taobh beòil, the front side; dé an taobh a chaidh e? in what direction has he gone? có an taobh? which side? ri mo thaobh, beside me; a thaobh, aside, astray; 2 by reason of; chan eil fhios agam dé is taobh dha, I do not know what has become of him, in which direction he went; thug e a thaobh i, he seduced her; a thaobh sin, about that, because of that, on that account; a thaobh sin dheth, on that very account; do mo thaobh-sa, as for me, for my part; cuir gu taobh, cuir a thaobh, put aside; taobh ri taobh, side by side; taobh na mara, the seaside; taobh tìr, ashore, the water's edge; ás an taobh thall, from the other side; thaobh ur cùil is ur beòil, behind and before you Mort na Ceapach; cùm taobh ris, favour or countenance him.

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