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prep. To (i.e. unto). [Aspirates word following and governs the Dative case. It is often dh', or redundantly do dh', or a dh, before a word commencing with a vowel. In other cases it is often a, or is omitted entirely. Chaidh e dh'Éirinn, or do dh'Éirinn, or a dh'Éirinn,] he went to Ireland; chaidh iad a Phort-Rìgh, or chaidh iad Phort-Rìgh, they went to Portree. Do is joined with the personal pronouns thus:— dhomh, to me; dhut, to you; dha, to him; dhi, to her; dhuinn, to us; dhuibh, to you (pl).; dhaibh, to them. These prepositional pronouns are generally aspirated. Do is a remarkable preposition too subtle to analyze, but the examples given below give a fair idea of its different meanings in various contexts. Don duine, to the man; do d' mhàthair, to your mother; do mo réir-sa, according to my views; gùr pailt liagh do na ràmhan na lùnn, the blades of the oars are too big for the oars; a dh'olc no a dh'éiginn [or a chòir no a dh'eucoir, or a dheòin no a dh'aindeoin,] somehow or other, by hook or by crook, willy nilly. As a prepositional pronoun:— Is aithne dhomh sin, I know that; is math dhomh sin, it is well (good) for me; is léir dhomh, I can see; leig dhomh, permit me; dé a dh'éirich dhut? what has befallen you? nach an dhomh a dh'éirich! to me what evil has befallen! chan eil dhomh ach …, all that is necessary for me is …; leig dhomh, let me alone, (also leig leam); roimh thighinn dhuinn, before we came; mhothaich e dha ged a bha e uaigneach, he perceived (to) it though it was in secret; is dona an ceann sin dhut, that is against your health; an urrainn dhut ceann a thoirt dhaibh? are you able to vanquish them? (lit. a head to give them), [also are you able to face them?]; oidhche dhomh sa bheinn-sheilg, I being one night in the hunting mountain; ri teachd dhomh, just us I was arriving; an déidh dhomh falbh, after I had gone; an àm dhomh dol sìos, when I go down (to battle); an dùsgadh no an cadal dhuinn, both when we are asleep and awake; a' falbh á Loch nam Madadh dhuinn, when we, going from Lochmaddy; cia ás dhut? whence have you come? also where was your birthplace? bhiodh an àireamh diom-buan dhaibh, their number would soon be reduced for them; is dithis dhuinn sin, mun dubhairt an fheannaig mu a casan, they're a pair, as the crow said of her legs; bu lìonmhoire dhut a shracadh ann na cunntas shlat an cliabh, you could find more rents in it than withies in a basket; gur e dhùisg mo sheanachas dhomh …, what caused my muse to awake is…; nuair a dhùisgear ascaoin dhut, when your anger be awakened; theirig gual dhomh, my coal has given out, run out; chan e am bòrd a theirig dhut, ach am beagan fearainn, it is not the plough that failed you, but that there was not enough land; a-réir fios dhomh, as far as I know; mas fhìor dhaibh fhéin, if they may be believed; fhuair mi fios bho phiuthar dhomh, I got word from a sister of mine; chuala mi an t-òran sin aig caraid dhomh, I heard that song being sung by a friend of mine; mas e bàs dhomh guma h-e dhut e! if it be a case of death for me may it be so to you! is pailte brù na biadh dha, — said to a glutton; mar a chithear dha, as circumstances may warrant. For note on the pernicious practice of confounding do and de, see under de.

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