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-aise, -an, sf Ear. 2 Handle of a dish, cycle and most things that may have two handles. 3 Tack of a sail, see p.76. 4 pl. Ears of a creel, where ends of suspender are inserted. 6 (MMcD) Top corners of a herring net. — Lewis. 6(DMK) Pan of a flintlock gun. 7 Socket of leather in which the spindle of flyers of a spinning-wheel revolves. Cluas a' chridhe, auricle of the heart; chailleadh tu do chluasan mur bitheadh iad an ceangal riut (or ceangailte riut), you would lose your ears if they were not fixed to you. [For Gaelic names of various marks on sheeps' ears, see under "coimarradh."]

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