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faide, a Long, of great length, the opposite of short. 2 Of long continuance, for a long time. 3* Distant. [This is the way fad is treated in the other dictionaries but the different significations of the word in different positions are more clearly explained by grouping the various examples given according to the different meanings of fad, rather than according to its parts of speech, thus,]
(a) Length, longitude Fad is leud an taighe, the length and breadth of the house; a' dol am fad, getting longer; air a fhad, lengthwise, longitudinally; cuir am fad, lengthen; rathad fada, a long way.
(b) Subordinate to Length, longitude —
Air fad an t-saoghail, throughout the world; air fad, altogether, wholly; fìor air fad, just wholly.
(c) Distance —
Fad ás, far off; fad air astar, fad air falbh, far away, at a great distance; bho thìr fhada, from a distant country; fada bhuam, far from me; cian fhada agus fada nan cian agus làn fhada.
(d) Time —
Fad an latha, all day long; fad finn foineach an latha, throughout the live-long day; fad làithean mo bheatha, throughout my whole life; is fada an latha dha-san nach do chuir biadh na h-oidhche ás a bheul, long is the day to a hungry man, (lit. to him who hasn't put the taste of the night out of his mouth); is fhada a dh'fhan thu, you stayed long; cia fhad? how long? am fad, whilst; fhad 's a bhitheas mi, as long as I am; a chionn fada, long ago; cha dig e gu ceann fada, he will not come for a long while. Baile fada-gu-latha, the township of the long night (lit. the long-till-day township). The reference is to Paible, N. Uist. Long ago a stranger, happening to spend a night in the place, some mischievous lads covered up his bedroom window from the outside, with the result that the night was lengthened by many hours. Several times the astonished stranger was heard to mutter “b' e seo am baile fada-gu-latha!” what a long-till-day township!
[Fad is always aspirated in sentences of comparison, but like other adjectives, it is not aspirated by cho, as, air cho fad? how long?]

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