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-a, -an, sf Leg, foot, hoof. 2 Track, footstep. 3 Point of land. 4 Skirt, nook, corner. 5 Small portion. 6 Mark on an archer's bow, to guide the aim, also applied to the whole strength of the weapon. 7 The twelfth of an inch. 8 Gusset. 9** Nail. 10 rarely Year. 11(AH) Muscle. 12(DU) Any organ of the body. Cha ghluais e eanga, he cannot move a limb; ghabh e a-rithist gu gluasad nan eang, he betook himself again to exercise at running; leum nan ceithir eang, an agile standing leap, in which the whole powers of a man's body were exercised. Sometimes used for ionga. 13* Mesh of a net. 14(MS) Blemish.

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