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-aig, -an, sf Mouthful of meal. 2** Pugil. 3** Multure, {miller's fee}. 4 As much of flour or any pulverized substance as can be lifted between the thumb and two fingers. 5 Freshly-bruised oatmeal worked into a handful with water, milk or whisky and eaten unbaked — Caithness, Suth'd & Lewis; handful of oatmeal eaten dry in other parts. 6(DMy) Ullag was made of barley grain as soon as reaped, dried in a pot till brown, then ground on the quern and mixed with hot water and a little salt, when it was very palatable — Ness, Lewis. In Argyll, ullag-shneachd is a snowball; and, a' tilgeil ullagan, throwing snowballs.

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