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irreg. sf Declined thus:—
 Nom. cuid
 Gen. codach chodaichean
 Dat. cuid codaichean
 Voc. a chuid!
a chodaiche!
Share, part, some. 2 Victuals, food. 3 Property, effects, means, substance. 4†† Lodging, quarters. 5** The privy parts. 6(AC) Clothes of deceased persons, which became the perquisite of the clergy. Is e seo mo chuid-sa, this is mine; a' chuid as motha, the greater part; cuid do chroinn, your chance, your lot; mo chuid-sa dheth, my part of it; cuid oidhche, a night's entertainment or lodging; cuid an tràth, what serves for a meal of meat; mo chuid den t-saoghal, my all; air son mo chodach-sa dheth, [better air mo chuid-sa dheth] for my part of it; cuid duine chloinne, the share of one of a family; cha toir muir no monadh a chuid bho dhuine sona, dangers by sea or land cannot deprive a fortunate man of his lot; a chuid mhac, [in Poolewe they say, a chuid mac] his sons; a cuid mac, her sons; cuid de na daoine, some of the men; a' chuid eile, the other part or the rest; a bheil do làmhan-sa glan? tha mo chuid-sa salach, are your hands clean? my own are dirty; b' e a bhith a' buaireadh an Fhreastail cuid a' chunnart a ghabhail d' a leithid sin a dh'àite, it were tempting Providence to run such a tremendous risk by going to such a place; a' pàigheadh cuid fiach na mnà agam, such is my lot, to pay my wife's debts. [the peculiar use of cuid in the first two examples should be noted, as it is not, as is usual in such a context, associated with possession]. A cuid àlaich, her litter; a' gharbh chuid, the greater part; an dà chuid … agus …, both … and …; aon chuid … no …, either … or …, [when associated with a negative verb — neither … nor …] Dara would be impossible in the following examples: nuair a chaidh an sgeulachd mun cuairt, cha robh aon chuid aige sgeulachd no òran, when the tale went round, he had neither tale nor song (to give); nach labhair thu ri Iacob aon chuid math no olc, that you speak not to Jacob either good or bad; gun do rinn e aoradh dhaibh, aon chuid don ghréin, no don ghealaich, no do …, that he worshipped them, either the sun or the moon, or ; ni as oillteile na bha i aon chuid do Tholamsan no do Bhreac-ghlun, more repulsive than she was either to T. or B; cha do dh'fhoghlam e eòlas, air an aon chuid no air a' chuid eile, he got no learning, either the one way or the other. [“Aona chuid” which is often met with, is simply the product of a drawling pronunciation]. An dara cuid … no …, either or …; an dara cuid, bithidh fuath aige do neach aca agus gràdh don fhear eile, no …, either he will hate the one and love the other, or …; an dara cuid dèanaibh a' chraobh math agus a toradh math, no dèanaibh …, either make the tree good and its fruit good, or make …; nuair a tha mi an am bruadair, tha mi an dara cuid ri camanachd air an raon, no ri luingearachd air a' chaol, no ri …, when I dream, I am either playing shinty on the plain, or boating on the narrows, or …; éighibh le guth àrd, oir is dia e! an dara cuid tha e a' beachd-smuainteachadh, no tha e air tòir, no …, cry aloud, for he is a god! either he is talking, or he is pursuing, or … [Dara does not associate with a negative verb].

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