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gen bràthan, pl. bràthntan, sf Quern, handmill 2† Brow. 3(AC) Anything round anything that has no end. 4 Turbot (scophthalmus maximus) - Lewis. Is fheàirrde brà a breacadh gun a briseadh, a quern is the better of being picked but not broken; bonnach bràthan, a round bannock; liabag bràthan, a round flounder. We are indebted to Mr. D. Murray (of Lewis) Aberdeen, for the following names of
Parts of a Quern:
1 A' chlach ìochdarach, a' bhrà ìosal, or a' chlach bhuinn, the nether stone.
2 A' chlach uachdarach, or a' bhrà àrd, the upper stone.
1 & 2 Clachan na bràthan, the stones.
3 An dual, Eye-bar, the cross-stick in "eye."
4 Am mialair, The bearer, the stick on which the upper stone, rests.
5 An t-aotroman, Hearing-gear, the stick or wedge that lightens the pressure of the stone on the grain.
6 An sgonnan, the handle, by means of which the quern is turned.
7 Sùil na bràthan, the eye.
8 Fiacail, the tooth.
9 Bannas, gum. The lower side of upper stone and upper side of lower stone.
10 Carbad, jaw The lower side of upper stone and upper side of lower stone.
11 Leth-bhann, leth-bhuinn, in gear. A' cur na bràthan air a leth-bhuinn, putting the mill in working order, i.e. making one stone to fit the other and to revolve with equal weight om both sides. Chaidh i de a leth-bhann, it is off one side of the nether or sole stone.
12 Sasag, large round vessel made of straw, 9in. high and 4ft. in diameter, for holding the meal before sieving.
13 An lòpan, straw vessel smaller than sasag, for keeping the roughest portion of the meal (garbhann).
14 An rùsgan, a vessel for holding the husks (cathadh).
15 Cisean-bafair, a vessel made of sea-bent, from which the quern is fed with one hand while being turned with the other. [Cisean-murain — DM].
16 Craiceann-bràthan, Skin spread on the ground under the quern to keep the meal from going on the floor — "Fionn." Nos. 12, 13, 14 & 15 are all narrower at the bottom than at the mouth, something after the fashion of a zinc pail, [see muileann].
17 Leamhan, (MMcD), sm Quern-wedge. See Leamhan.
18 Cìbhinn, s (Presumably for cìbhrinn. See also cùrainn). Support prop on which the brà was raised to enable one to grind while standing - Lochbroom, Harris etc.

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