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(i.e. a-suas) adv Up, upward, (away from one). 2 Westwards. Shuas, above, above there, above yonder; bho seo suas, henceforth; thoir suas ort! up with you! chaidh e suas, he went up; chaidh e suas air beinn, he went up into (on) a mountain; chan eil a-suas air fichead ann, there are not more than twenty (lit. in it); sìos is suas, eastward and westward (on the E. coast); tog suas, rear, educate; dèan suas, make up, constitute. Suas also conveys the idea of resting when completion of movement upwards is meant, as, tha e suas, he or it is above; suas leis a' Ghàidhlig! up with the Gaelic!

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