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pr pt a' tilgeil & a' tilgeadh, va Cast, throw. 2 Shed, let fall, moult. 3 Shoot, fire as a gun. 4 Vomit — Perthsh &c. 5 Fling, throw off. 6* Reproach, cast up to. 7** Produce, yield, bring forth. 8 Cast as molten metal. 9* Shoot with an elf-shot. Thilg e, he vomited; thilg an t-each mi, the horse threw me off; tilg d' aran, cast thy bread; thilg i searrach, she cast a foal; thilg e a dheoch, he vomited his drink; thilg e orm e, he cast it up to me; thilg e an duine, he shot the man; duine tilgte, a man shot by the fairies — one who does not care what he does; gach craobh a thilgeas meas, every tree that yields fruit.

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