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gen gaid & goid, pl. gaid, goid & gadan, sm Withe, twisted twig. 2 Switch. 3(AH) Number of fish, as carried home on a string or withe. Gad mór, equivalent to a large basket. 4 Bend on anything. Tha gad air bàrr mo shlaite, there is a bend on the point of my rod, as when a fish is hooked and being drawn out of the water; chan eil agam ach an gad air an robh an t-iasg, I have only the bend made by the fish (on which the fish was) — referring to a fish hooked and lost in landing — said when anything is lost suddenly (DMy). Also used to indicate the disappointment of a person who has been over-reached or deceived. Seachd goid, seven withes; cha déid gad air gealladh, a promise cannot be handcuffed; gad air sporan (lit. withe on purse) an ironical name for a miser; is mithich a bhith a' bogadh nan gad, it is time to be steeping the withes — a native Gaelic saying, meaning “it is time to be going,” belongs to the time when withes of birch or osier were used for halters and all the fastenings of horse-harness. These withes would become stiff and brittle if laid by for some time and would therefore be steeped for a while before taking to horse — NGP.

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