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-aidh, sm Settling, arbitration, act of settling, appointing, arranging, planning. 2 Planting, act of planting. 3 Letting, act of letting for rent. 4 Setting the pattern or tartan or other cloth to be woven, formed by placing threads on a small piece of wood, according to the design proposed and kept as a key to the number of threads of each colour and the positions of the various colours in the pattern. 5‡‡ Specimen, pattern. 6 Set or pattern, as of tartan. 7 Order, arrangement, disposition. 8* Laying foundation, making framework. 9* Planting, colonizing, establishing. 10* Situation, posture. 11 Betrothing, arranging terms of marriage. 12* Plan, model. A' suidheachadh, pr pt of suidhich. Air a' cheart shuidheachadh, on the same plan or pattern, as cloth; suidheachadh fearainn, a letting of lands for rent; suidheachadh inntinn, gravity.

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