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-e, -ean, sf Penny Scots, one twelfth of a penny sterling. 2* Denomination of land, equal to a còta-bàn, groat-land. 3 Round bit, like a coin. Chan eil peighinn agam, I have not a penny; na h-uile peighinn, every coin; 'ga ghearradh 'na pheighinnean, cutting it into round bits; peighinn ruadh, a penny sterling.
The following note is from DC. The system of land measure which prevailed in the Western Isles and then took root in Argyllshire, was neither Pictish nor Irish, but Norse. The unit was the “ounce-” land, i.e. the extent of land which paid the rent of in ounce of silver. The word was borrowed by Gaelic and appears as unnsa. The land term was unga (e.g. Unganab in North Uist and in Tiree). It appears in old charters as, teroung, teiroung, &c. This extant was divided into 20 parts —sometimes into only 18 — such parts being called peighinn; hence many place-names (e.g. Pennymore, Peighinnchornach &c). In some places the pennyland was subdivided. On Luchfyneside we meet with Lephinmore, Lephincorrach, (the big half pennyland and the rough half pennyland); also an Fheòirling, (the farthingland). A conventional use of the term peighinn is met with in Skye — the crofting township of Elgol is separated by a march dyke from the deer-forest, each crofter is responsible for the upkeep of a specified length of the dyke and it is called the peighinn of his croft; similarly the part of the shore allotted to each croft for seaware is called the peighinn of that croft. The full fractional division of land was carried out in Islay thus:
1 oz. land
= 20d Sterling
= 12 markland
= 133s 4d Scots
= Tirunga
½ oz. land
= 10d Sterling
= 5 markland
= 66s 8d Scots
= Leth-pheighinn
¼ oz. land
= 5d Sterling
= 2½ markland
= 33s 4d Scots
= Ceathramh (quarterland)
1/8th oz. land
= 2½d Sterling
= 1¼ markland
= 16s 8d Scots
= Ochdamh
1/16th oz. land
= 1¼d Sterling
= 5/8 markland
= 8s 4d Scots
= Leothras
1/32nd oz. land
= 5/8d Sterling
= 5/16 markland
= 4s 2d Scots
= Còta-bàn (Groatland)
1/64th oz. land
= 5/16d Sterling
= 5/32 markland
= 2s 1d Scots
= Dà sgillinn

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