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féidh, sm Deer. Mar fhiadh air fireach, like a deer on a mountain. Names of deer at various ages:— Males — Red Deer. [Damh — stag]. Young — Laogh, calf. 1 year — Laogh, calf. 2 years — Mang, brocket. Procach — Suth'd. 3 years — Cnochdach, boil dà bhioran, spayed. 4 years — Stopannach, damh, damh-féidh, stag. 5 years — Damh cabrach, great stag. 6 years — Làn damh, hart. Males — Fallow deer. [Boc — buck] Young — Meann-earb, fawn. Laogh — Lochaber. Males — Roedeer. [Boc — buck] [No Gaelic names exclusively used for fallow deer and roe deer have been obtained and if such exist they are local and not general]. Female of red deer — Agh-féidh and after 1 year Eilid, hind; eildeag, grìoch (MMcL) —Lewis, roe. Female of fallow deer and roedeer — Earb, roe. Cry of the stag — Langan, langanaich. In the rutting season bùirich and raoicich — AH. bray or bellow. Langanaich in Lewis is the cry of deer in general — MMcD. Cry of the roebuck — Nuallan, beucaich, raoicich — AH. Bodhar-gheum — DC. bell.

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