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teine, the 17th letter of the Gaelic alphabet now in use. T, not aspirated has two sounds. (1) Nearly like t in town, exactly like t in Italian tocco or in French toucher. (2) Like ch in cheek, as, tighinn, coming; saillte, salted. When aspirated, it sounds like h in hint, as thàinig e, he came. Th is silent in the middle of words, in the end of long syllables, in some tenses of certain irregular verbs and in thu, thusa; as maitheas, goodness (pron. my-yes); maoth, gentle (meu); an dàinig thu? have you come? T, is sometimes used before fh followed by a vowel in the Western Isles, as, an t-fhàrdach, the household. T' is used before vowels instead of do, your (sing).

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