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pl. –achan, sm Heart. 2** Understanding. 3 Courage. 4‡‡ Centre. 5‡‡ Kind of buckle. 6 Presumption, courage, cheek, nerve. A chiall mo chridhe! my dearest dear! a mhic chridhe! my dear sir! a nic cridhe! my dear madam! fhir mo chridhe, man of my heart — a common way our forebears had of expressing themselves on meeting a friend they held dear; air cridhe do dhèarnaidh, on the middle (lit. heart) of your palm West of Ross-shire; cha dèan cridhe misgeach breug, a drunken soul tells no lies; nach ann aige tha an cridhe! how hardened he is! bha mi mar mo chridhe airson sin, I did my utmost for that; bha e mar a chridhe, he was very keen for it; is aon an cridhe, their hearts are one; dé a chridhe a bha agad? — (i. e. dé chridhe a bha agad, — a is not the article, but what remains of the prep. de) how dare you presume! chan eil a' chridhe agad, you dare not; chan eil a' chridhe no a dh'anam agad, you dare not for your life; buinidh an gnothach sin do d' chridhe fhéin, that is a matter for your own consideration; gun chridhe, without understanding.

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