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gen sing sùl & sùla, dat. sùil, voc. a shùil! npl sùilean, genpl sùl, dat. pl. sùilean & sùilibh, voc. pl. a shùla! sf Eye, the eye. 2 Look, glance, cast of the eye in any direction, sight. 3 Hope, expectation. 4 Care, oversight, superintendence. 6 Orifice, opening. 7 Willow (salix), see seileach. 7 Eye of a quern. 8** Regard, respect. 9** Loophole. 10** rarely Tackle. 11 Eye through which the wool passes to spinning-wheel. 13 Thimble of a boat. 14** The letter S. 15(DC) Small cluster of herring in the water, less than a shoal — Lochfyne. 16(AH) Hole in which the shaft of a tool like a pickaxe is fixed. Bha mo cheud sùil, my first glance or sight was; thog e a shùil, he raised his eye; gun sùil ri a theachd, not expecting his coming; tha sùil againn ris, we expect him; na bitheadh sùil no dùil agad ris, neither have expectation nor hope of him; bitheadh sùil agad orra, watch or keep your eye on them; an cuir tobar a-mach ás an aon sùil uisge milis is searbh? will a fountain send forth from the same opening sweet and bitter water? tha 'shùil ri teachd, he expects to come; dh'fhalbh na sùilean geala, the blindness has gone; nach ann agam a bha na sùilean geala! how stupid I was! fliuch do shùil, wet your eye (or fliuch do shùil mun lean e rithe, wet your eye lest it sticks to it) i.e. in case you have the evil eye and the thing referred to becomes yours or dwindles away. The remark is usually made when relating something of an auspicious nature about a person in the hearing, who in turn would say “fliuch do shùil,” meaning that the narrator was not to be envious of the prosperity of the other. The remark may be used in reference to one's property, as well as to his fame &c. Chan i mo shùil is eagal dhut, there is nothing for you to fear from my eye (another saying or the same nature as the last, only it comes from the party who has made the favourable remark about anyone and adding “Chan e mo shùil as eagal dhut”); 's mò làn do shùil na làn do bhronn, the full of your eye is more than the full of your belly; sùil mo thruaighe, the eye that deserves pity — the equivalent of a woebegone look; tha an sùil ri lear, their eye is towards the sea; mòralachd 'na shùil, majesty in his aspect; tha sùil chrom aige, is said of one who looks from the outer corner of his eye in a furtive manner; sùil mun t-sròn, to his cheek — used in this way; chaidh innseadh dha sùil mun t-sùil, it was told him to his cheek; beul mun fhiacail, has the same meaning, only the mouth and teeth are mentioned instead of the eye and nose; sùil na bràthan, the eye of the quern; sùil rag, a dim eye; sùil gheur, a sharp eye.

Parts of an Eye:
1 Malaidhean, eyebrows.
2 Rosgan na sùla, fabhraidhean, eyelashes.
3 Toiseach na sùla, end next to nose.
4 Deireadh na sùla, end farthest from nose.
5 An dubhagan, fradharc na sùla, dubh na sùla, pupil.
6 Cearcall na sùla, iris.
7 Ball na sùla, eyelid.
8 Clach na sùla, rinn an rùisg, ubhal, eyeball.
9 Geal na sùla, gealagan na sùla, the white.

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