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-ùil, -ùiltean, sm Back of anything. 2 Hinder part, not the front. 3 Hair of the head. 4 Aftertime. 5(AF) see cull-bhoc. 6‡‡ Guard. 7 Custody. 8(DU) Matter for thought, food for reflection. 9(CR) Care, anxiety. Chuir e cùl orm, it made me anxious, it troubled me; chaidh esan a bha treun air chùl, he who was strong has perished; is buaine cùl na aghaidh, back lasts longer than front — a cheese, stack of peats, &c. would be more freely used at first than at last — the moral is that feuds last longer than friendship; cùl gaoithe agus aghaidh gréine, back to wind and face to sun — a pleasant retreat; air mo chùl, behind me; cùl na beinne, the back of the mountain; cùl a' chinn, the back part of the head; cuir cùl ri, forsake; cùl buidhe dualach, yellow curled hair; bithidh mise air do chùl, I will be behind you, ready to support you; gu cùl, thoroughly, completely; is tu an cù gu 'ad chùl, you are a dog every inch of you; cùl ri cùl, back to back; gu cùl Callainn, till after the New Year; air cùl do naigheachd! tell away! cùm cùl, suport countenance; air cùl lainn, handling a weapon; cùl an dùirn, the back of the fist; cùl ri do charaid no ri do nàmhaid, cùl riut fhéin, to turn your back on friend or foe is to unman yourself; tha thu air chùl do ghnothaich, you are managing your affairs well; gabh mu chùl do chruidh, get to the rear of thy cattle — come to business, come to the point, do not wander; leòn e mi bho thaobh mo chùil, he wounded me from behind — treacherously.

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