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buill, sm Member, limb. 2 Member of a society. 3 Male instrument of generation, {penis}. 4 Any part of male or female dress. 5 Instrument, tool, implement. 6 Ball, globe. 7 Football. 8 Dance. 9 Spot or plot of ground. 10** Boss. 11‡‡ Stud, nail. 12** Bowl. 13 Cable, rope. 14(G) Soum of cattle. 15 Weapon - ‘Manus’ MacNicol’s Version. 16 Kind of hair rope, see ribeag. Ball, like English spot, means both a mark and a place. Tha an deagh bhall aodaich agad an-sin, you have an excellent piece of dress there; dhan bhacach lùth nam ball, strength of limbs to the lame; buill a' Chomainn Ghàidhlig, members of the Gaelic Society; aghaidh gach buill ceangailte is fuasgailte, the end of each rope bound and running loose as the ship's tackling required; thug iad aghaidh am buill is an caman air, they turned all their force against him — lit. turned their balls and shinty clubs on him.

According to Dwelly's correspondent, Mr Alex Henderson of Ardnamurchan, ball is also used for cards as follows; an t-aona ball, ace; an dithis ball, the 2; an triamh ball, the 3; an ceithir ball, the 4; an cóig ball, the 5; an sia ball, the 6; an seachd ball, the 7; an t-ochd ball, the 8; an naoidh ball, the 9; an deich ball, the 10.

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