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sm ind Going, travelling. 2 Proceeding. 3 Ways. 4 Walking. 5 Space, distance. 6* Condition, state. A' dol, pr pt of rach. [Dol and rach have no connection etymologically]. A' dol dhachaigh, going home; dol fodha na gréine, the setting of the sun; a' dol iomraill air a chéile, missing each other; a' dol ás, escaping, going out, as a fire or light; a' dol sìos, going down, (of stairs and battle only); a' dol le, descending; a' dol suas, going up (of stairs only); a' dol ri, ascending; tha dol aige air glé mhath, he has a good grip of the matter; an dol a dh'fhàg thu air, the state in which you left him; is bòidheach an dol a tha air, it is in a pretty condition; dol an t-saoghail, the state of the world; chan eil dol ás aige, he has no way of escape; is e seo a bu dol dhaibh aig gach siubhal, this was the method of their going at every trip they took; mhothaich mi rud a' dol mu mo chasan, I noticed that my foot had caught in something; bha iad a’ dol bàs le acras, they were dying with hunger; chaidh m’ astar am maillead, my pace became slower (Idiom) Ross 71; chaidh mi m’ iomrall, I went astray. Duanaire 12; chaidh mo shiubhal an lughad, my progress became slower. Ross 71; chaidh slabhraidh òir a chur mu a muineal, a golden chain was placed on her neck - W & S II 30; chaidh a toirt a-staigh, she was taken in - W & S, p 30; dh’fheuch am faiceadh iad ciamar a rachadh dha, to try if they would see how it would go with him - W & S II 22; na chaidh a dhìth oirnn dhe na daoine, those of the men whom we lost - W & S II 6; ma théid agad air a cheann a chur dheth, if you succeed in beheading him - W & S II 240; tha mi a’ faicinn gun deachaidh agad air na h-ealachan a ghléidheadh, I see you managed to keep the swans - W & S II. 16.

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