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luirge, -an, sf Staff. 2 Crutch. 3 Haft of a spear. 4 Staff of a flail. 5 Straight stick with the bark on. 6 Shaft or tram of a cart. 7** Stalk of a plant. 8** Shaft of a banner. 9 Footstep, track, path, print. 10 Mark. 11 Sign. 12 Consequence. 13 Vestige. 14 Troop, band. 15 Progeny, offspring. 18 Leg, shank, shin. 17 Thigh. 18 Woman. Lean mi air an luirg aige, I followed his track; an lorg a' ghnothaich sin, as the consequence of this thing; cù luirge, not necessarily a terrier, as given by **, but any dog that tracks; lorg a dhà shùla, guiding himself by landmarks, or following the tracks with both his eyes.

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