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1st comp motha, 2nd comp mothaid, 3rd comp mothad. a Great, large, of great size. 2 Great, many, of great number. 3 Great in extent, extensive. 4 Important. 5 Chief, principal. 6 Noble, of high rank. 7 Tall, of high stature. 8 Proud. 9 Lofty. 10 Familiar, much acquainted. 11 Valued, esteemed. 12 Hard, difficult of accomplishment. 13 Spacious, capacious. 14 Much, in great degree. 15 Abundant, copious. 16 Mighty, powerful. 17 Haughty. 13** Heavy. 19** Wide. 20 Corpulent, bulky. 21 Vivid, of lightning. 22(DC) Notorious for evil qualities or such as are not to one's credit — Argyll.
Duine mór, a great man; sluagh mór, a great or numerous people; an sluagh mór, the nobility; ni mór, an important affair; cho mór ás fhéin ris a' mhac-mhallachd, as self-important as Lucifer; tha iad mór aig a chéile, they are great chums; tha iad cho mór aig a chéile 's is urrainn iad, they are as familiar as possible; tha e mór ort a dhèanamh, it is hard for you to do it; tha e mór leat 'ga dhèanamh, you don't want to be bothered with it; bu mhór aca fhéin e, they thought much of it themselves; is mór a dh'fhulaingeas cridhe ceart mum bris e, a well-regulated heart will suffer much ere it breaks; bha an dealan mór, the lightning was vivid; thachair a bhràthair mór ris, he has met one stronger than himself; eadar bheag is mhór, both small and great; mór-uisge a' taomadh, a great torrent pouring; gille mór mhic Eòghainn, the notorious son of Hugh — Argyll.

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