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uigh, uighean, sm Egg. Ugh eireig, a pullet's egg; ugh-nid, a nest-egg; gealagan uighe, the white of an egg, {eggwhite}; buidheagan uighe, the yolk of an egg, {eggyolk}; ugh cliath-feannaig, an egg that is much under the hen's usual standard of size, as though she had taken up with a hooded crow! — W of Ross; ugh maola-feannaig, is a little egg sometimes laid by a hen, at one time popularly supposed to be laid once in seven years by the cock (cockatrice story); ugh air Inid eun air Càisg, mur b' e aig an fhitheach bithidh am bàs — not feannaig as is sometimes given, for the latter is not very early in nesting but the former is [McL&D and ‡ give ubh].

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