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prep. To, implying similarity or likeness. 2 To, denoting equality of one object with another. 3 To, implying adhesion. 4 To, towards. 5 Denoting attention or earnestness. 6 To, in the direction of. 7 To, unto. 8 To, implying exposure. 9 To, to be, implying possibility. When placed before present participles it changes them into the future passive — an absurd grammatical statement that passes current. 10 Against, in opposition to. 11 At, near to. 12 During, whilst. 13 For, implying expectation or hope. 14 In, denoting employment or occupatiou. 15 Of, concerning. 16 Up, upwards. 17** With. 18 As, like as. 19* In contact with. Cho mìn ri miniceann, as soft as kid-skin; ri do chluas, to your ear; ri gréine (exposed) to the sun; ri bruthach, ascending the acclivity; a' cogadh ri gaisgeach, fighting with a hero; bhuail e a chas ri cloich, he dashed his foot against a stone; ri saorsainneachd, employed as a carpenter; ri 'làimh, at his hand; ri linn Thèarlaich, in the days of Prince Charles; ri latha gaoithe, on a windy day; mar dhuilleig ri doineann, like a leaf in the blast; na caomhaich ri sìth, the friends at peace; gun dùil ri tilleadh, without hope of returning; an raineach ri turram sa ghaoithe, the fern whistling in the wind; cho ciùin ri aiteal, as mild as a breath of wind; bha an rìgh òg ri móran àbhachd, the young king was at much pleasure — WH 1.12; chan eil againn ri dol nas fhaide, we have not to go any further — WH 1.14; thàinig e gu aois dol ri ceàird, he came of age to learn a trade; thàinig e ri a bheatha fhéin, he took his own life, committed suicide; uibhir ri càch, as much as the rest; beul ri trì mìosan, nearly three months; bha e ri tighinn, he was to come. Ri in Lewis often takes the place of ag, as, tha e ri bualadh, he is striking. Compounded thus with the personal pronouns:rium, to me; riut, to you (sing).; ris,to him; rithe, to her; ruinn, to us; ruibh, to you; riutha, to them.

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