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duibhe, a Black. 2 Dark. 3 Sad, mournful. 4* Disastrous. 5 Lean, as flesh. 6 Sable, in heraldry. 7** Dark-haired. 8** Wicked. 9** rarely Great. Bu dubh a sgeul, sad was his tale; daol dubh, a black beetle; is dubh an t-sùil a tha 'nad cheann, black is the eye in your head — this expression is used when it is wished to imply that someone concerned in a misdemeanor escaped scatheless — cha dubhairt e rium is dubh an t-sùil a tha 'nad cheann, he was not able to congratulate me on my escape; neòil dubha (not dhubha) na Càisge, the five days before Easter Sunday. Dubh is also used for emphasis, thug iad géill agus dubh ghéill, they gave it up, yielded totally.

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