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prep pron (ri + e) To him; with him; against him or it; equal to him or it. Cùm ris, do not yield to him or it; is math a tha thu a' cumail ris, you match him well or how you persevere at it! or you wear your years well — look younger than one would expect you to at your age; na bi ris, do not molest him, do not use or practice; abair ris, say to him; theirig ris, fight him, try him; sìn ris, be seduced by him; dè do ghnothach ris? what is your business with him? thig mi ris, 1 will do for him, I will finish him, 2 I will please him; cuir ris, matter him, 2 add to it, 3 exert yourself; tha dòchas, (or dùil or sùil) agam ris, I expect him; feuch ris, try it.

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Beachdan nam fileantach/Fluent speaker judgements: 1
Chan eil mi eòlach air an fhacal seo idir / I don't know this word  0 %
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Tuigidh is cleachdaidh mi am facal seo / I know this word and use it  100 %

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Facal-luirg/Search termBreith buntainneis
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Àireamh nam breith buntainneis
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ris 50
ionsulaidich 50