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gen mòna [& mòine, ] sf ind Moss, mossy place, morass, bog. 2 Peat, turf. Cruach mòna, a peat-stack; poll mòna, a peatmoss; fòid mòna, a peat; ris a' mhòine, making peats.
Names of Parts of a Peat-Bank, (bac-mòine, poll-mòna, ¤ poll-mòineach or ¤ poll-mònach). Names supplied by D. Murray, Aberdeen, are distinguished by a ¤.
Bàrr-fhad, top tier of sedgy marsh when cutting peats. (barrfhad — ¤)
Broinn a' phuill, ¤ front of peat-bank. (DMC) ìochdar a' phuill.
Caoran (an), ¤ lowest tier in peat-bank.
Carcair, ¤ portion of peat-bank stripped of the top turf from end to end.
Ceann a' phuill, ¤ upper end of bank.
Druim a' phuill, ¤ tack of peat-bank.
Earball a' phuill, lower end of bank.
Fàd a' ghàraidh, ¤ second tier, if it is three deep — prov. for fòd a' ghàraidh.
Fàd a' chaorain, or an caoran, ¤ lowest tier in a peat-bank.
Resg, riasg, or rùsg, ¤ top turf above most, the sedgy marsh or moss of which the peats are composed.
Rùdhan (an ~), ¤ the small heap in which peats are built to dry, after being cut for a month, consisting of three peats and one on top.
Sgeir, (AH) a peat-bank with an adjoining piece of heathland on which the cast peats are spread to dry.
When 12 peats are placed in a circle to dry, they are called teinnteanan; 12 placed crosswise are bocsaichean; peats placed diagonally (generally in long lines) are air a chois bhig; set two and two diagonally in rows they are said to be dà fhòid air aon.

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