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gill, sm Pledge. 2* Mortgage. 3 Bet, wager. 4 Prize, reward. 5 Desire, love. 6 Notch. Thoir dhomh geall, pive me a pledge; cuir geall, lay a bet; mo gheall-sa nach faic thu e, I pledge my word you will not see him; tha e an geall oirre, he is excessively fond of her; is iomadh fear a tha an geall air drama, many are they who like their dram; thiginn 'gad choimhead ged a bhitheadh na trì gill san aon mhaide, I would come to see you although there were three notches on the one stick — referring to the old practice of listing engagements by means of notches made on sticks; tha e an geall nas fhiach e, everythinq he has is at stake; 2 he is dying, or nearly dead; làmh an earball a' ghill, holding the pledge by the tail — NGP.

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