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sf irreg. Sheep. 2 (in derision) Sheepish person. Declined thus: —
  Sing. Plur.
Nom. caora
Gen. caorach, [caoire ‡‡ caoir, **]
Dat. caora
Voc. a chaora!
a chaoraich!
Am bun nan caorach, looking after the sheep; bho chrò nan caorach, from the sheep-fold.
Names of Sheep at different ages [G. is for Gaelic name; S. for Eng. name in Scotland; E. for Eng. name in England]:
MALE & FEMALE before weaning:
G. uan, (sm — never sf) S. & E. lamb. uan fireann, a male lamb; uan boireann, a female lamb.
FEMALE after weaning till 1st shearing:
òthaisg. Ciora, uan — Lewis. 2 (If it had a lamb), fiar-òthaisg, a crooked hogg, the lamb being called, uan na fiar-òthaisg. If small or inferior, òthaisg is called seot. S.& E. ewe-teg, ewe-hogg.
FEMALE after 1st shearing:
caora bhliadhnach. Tiaraineach, òthaisg bhoireann — Lewis. 2 (If with lamb), òthaisg, the lamb being called, uan òthaisge. S. gimmer, E.gimmer, theave. after 1st. shearing, if not put to ram:— G. Dìonag.
FEMALE after 2nd shearing, if with lamb:
G. caora uain. Dà bhliadhnach — Lewis. S. twinter; E. two-shear ewe.
FEMALE after 2nd shearing, if not with lamb:
caora sheisg, S. barren twinter; E. two-shear ewe.
FEMALE after 2nd shearing, if not put to ram:
Dà bhliadhnach seasg. Caora-chiatain, (MMcD) — Lewis. S. eild gimmer; E. two-shear ewe.
FEMALE after 3rd shearing:
Trì bhliadhnach. In Lewis if barren, crogais; if with lamb, caora uain. S. winter ewe; E. three-shear ewe.
FEMALE after 4th shearing:
crog, (AH) S. aged ewe, three winter ewe. when ceasing to give milk: — G. caora sheasg, S. yeld ewe. when taken from the breeding flock, regardless of age: — G. crog, (AH) S. draft ewe.
FEMALE when taken from the breeding flock as unfit to breed from:
crog, S. draft gimmer.
MALE (not castrated) from weaning till first shearing:
uan reithe, S. up-hogg; E. hogg, hogget, hoggerel, tup teg.
MALE after 1st shearing:
reithe, bliadhnach reithe. Aona bhliadhnach reithe, — Lorn. Tiaraineach, tiaraineach rùid, (MMcD) — Lewis. S. dimmont tup; E. shearling, dimmont tup, one shear tup.
MALE after 2nd shearing:
dà bhliadhnach reithe. Dà Bhliadhnach rùid, — Lewis. S. two shear tup; E. two shear ram.
MALE after 3rd shearing:
Trì bhliadhnach reithe, seann reithe (AH). Rùd, seann rùd. — Lewis. S. aged tup; E. three shear ram.
MALE after 4th shearing:
Seann reithe, ceithir bhliadhnach reithe. Ceithir bhliadhnach rùid, seann rùd —Lewis. E. four shear ram.
MALE (castrated) from weaning till first shearing:
Uan fireann, uan spothta — Lewis. Òthaisg fhireann, (sf) — Lorn. S. he-teg, wether hogg; E. wether teg.
MALE after first shearing:
Bliadhnach mult, Òthaisg fhireann, tiaraineach mult — Lewis. Cóig ràitheach mult, (JM) — Skye. Sè ràitheach muilt, (spelt according to local pronunciation) bliadhnach muilt, (lit. yearling of a wether — DM) after 1st. Hallowe'en aS. — Lorn. S. dimmont; E. shear hogg, wether hogg.
MALE after 2nd shearing:
G. mult, — Lorn. Dà bhliadhnach mult — Lewis. S. two shear wether; E. two tooth wether.
MALE after 3rd shearing:
Trì bhliadhnach mult — Lewis. S. wether; E. three tooth wether.
MALE after 4th shearing:
ceithir bhliadhnach mult — Lewis. E. four tooth wether.
Sheep are often described in Lorn as: — Aona bhliadhnach caoire, one yearling of a sheep; dà bhliadhnach caoire, two yearling of a sheep, &c.
In Lewis, after 3rd. shearing, the females are generally named according to the number of times they have lambed, till the 7th. or 8th. lamb, when they are called seann chaora and are taken away to be killed. The castrated male after 4th shearing, is called ceithir bhliadhnach mult to seachd or ochd bhliadhnach mult, when they become useless for wool &c. In Ness, and neighbourhood, the uncastrated male is called rùda after 2nd shearing for the rest of its life.
In Perthshire the following are the most usual names: — Uan boireann, uan fireann, uan reithe, till Nov. 11 then òthaisg bhoireann, òthaisg fhireann, òthaisg reithe, then bliadhnach mult, dìonag, reithe. Ath-dìonag, 3-year old; caora ceithir bhliadhnach. 4-year old; crog, cast ewe; sè raitheach, six-quarter old gimmer; deat, unshorn year-old sheep or wether.
Other Names:
Caora-bhainne, milk ewe.
Caora bheannach, 4-horned theep of Uist & St. Kilda.
Caora bhrogach, (MMcD) Speckled or spotted sheep.
Caora càraid, sheep with twins.
Caora cheaslach, coarse woolled sheep.
Caora cheannan (ceann-fhionn) white-faced sheep.
Caora chileach, piebald or speckled sheep. — Lewis.
Caora dhubh, black sheep.
Caora dhubh-cheannach, black-faced or Highland sheep.
Caora gheal, (AH) white sheep, in contradistinction to the smeared or dipped members of a flock.
Caora mhaol, (lit. horniest) Cheviot sheep.
Caora mholach, heavy fleeced sheep.
Caora Nollaig, fat sheep for butcher at Christmas.
Caora reamhar, fat sheep for butcher.
Caora Shasannach, English, sheep.
Caora sheasg, a yeld sheep.
Caora uain, a breeding sheep.
Ceireag, see ciora.
Ceireagan, see ciora.
Crò nan ceireagan, (from old port-a-beul).
Ciora, pet ewe-hogg or sheep.
Cireag, see ciora.
Ciridh, see ciora.
Crog, (AH) cast ewe, age depending on breed and kind of pasture.
Crog, ‡‡ sheep past bearing.
Deata, year-old unshorn ewe hogg.
Dìonag, do. after first shearing. 2‡‡ 2-year old sheep or goat.
Feirmige, ram with one of its testicles wanting — Lewis.
Leth uan, twin lamb.
Reige, ridgling.
Rige, ram only partly castrated — Lewis.
Reithe studhach, see rùda studhach.
Rùdan, -ain, -an, little ram, ridgling.
Rùda studhach, ram with short tail — Lewis.
Sagart — Lewis, see feirmige.
Sùgan, pet lamb.
Additional names:
1 Ath-bhliadhnach, 2 year-old sheep.
2 Ath-dhìonag, 2 year-old sheep.
3 Bliadhnach muilt, Lewis for bliadhnach mult. A yearling.
4 Deathaid, for deata, an unshorn sheep.
5 Dò-bhliadhnach muilt, Lewis for dà bhliadhnach mult, a two-year wether (MMcL).
6 Dò-bhliadhnach reithe. Lewis for dà-bhliadhnach reithe, a two-year sheep.
7 Ruig, ruigleachan, rùta, rùda, rùd, a ridgling.
8 Tiaraineach, an 18 months old sheep, derived from ‘an t-sia-ràitheach’, the six-quarter old, the t of the article drowning the s, hence tiaraineach.
9 Uan leth aon, a twin lamb.

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