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céille, dat. céill, sf Reason, sense. 2 Opinion. 3 Meaning. 4 Discretion, prudence. 5 Darling. 6* Understanding, wisdom 7** rarely Death. 8(AC) Inspiration. Ás a chiall, out of his sense, mad; duine gun chiall, a madman; ceann na céille, the prudent man, (lit. the wise head); a chiall mo chridhe! my heart's darling! a chiall de na fearaibh! my beloved of all men! glac ciall, be easy, do not forget yourself; ciod e is ciall dhut? what do you mean? ciod e is ciall do na daoine? what do the people mean? ciod e is ciall dha sin? what is the meaning of that? ciod e is ciall do m' aisling? what is the interpretation of my dream? tha e a dhìth céille, he lacks understanding; air bheag céille, possessing little understating; is e an ciall ceannaichte as fheàrr, wisdom bought (by experience) is best; air call a chéille, losing his senses, doting; mo chiall! my darling! coimhead ciall, regard discretion. [Very generally used as an expression of fondness or term of endearment, also to express desire, as, a chiall, I would, I wish; a chiall nach mise bha ann, I wish I had been there; also as an expression of surprise, as, a chiall! goodness!]

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