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gen cnuic [& cnoic]. pl. cnuic [& cnocan] sm. Hill, knoll, hillock, eminence. 2|| Heel-kibe. 3(AC) Council, court. 4(AC) Wisdom. Cnoc seallta, hill of observation; cha rachainn gu cùl cnuic leis aig meadhan latha, I would not go with him behind a hill at midday — said of a doubtful character; an latha a bhatar a' roinn na céille, cha robh mi fhéin air a' chnoc, the day that sense was apportioned, I myself was not on the hillock (i.e. was not present at the function —alluding to the ancient custom of holding ceremonies of importance in elevated positions); cuirm-chnuic, a picnic; ged is ann ris na cnuic a tha mi 'ga ràdh, though I am saying this between us and the post (lit. to the hillocks).

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