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pers. pron. Self. Used only as an adjunct to nouns or other pronouns. Mi fhéin, myself; thu fhéin, yourself; iad fhéin, themselves. When combined with a possessive pronoun it may be translated by own, as mo mhac fhéin, my own son; siud fhéin e mar iolair, that same is he, like an eagle; mar seo fhéin, in this very way; an seo fhéin, in this very place; an-sin fhéin, then and there; an-diugh fhéin, this very day; cheana fhéin, already; chan fhaigh duine an t-uisge fhéin san àite seo gun a cheannach, one cannot get even water here without paying for it; is duine dona gun fheum a chuireadh cuireadh orm fhéin is caitheamh, he is a pitiful fellow who would invite me and leave me to pay — a strange use of fhéin. It is a peculiarity of the Northern dialects of Gaelic that it makes a distinction in the pronunciation of fhéin when that word is used with the first personal pronoun. Generally it is fhìn in that connection, as, mi fhìn, sinn fhìn, orm fhìn — thu fhéin 's mi fhìn. In Suth'd from Strathy Water to Durness, instead of either fhéin or fhìn in with the first person, they say fhèan, mi fhèan, &c. and in the remainder of Strathy and in the S.E. of the county they say fhian, mi fhian, leam fhian, sinn fhian, nì mi mo sheunadh fhian, I will charm myself. In other connections the word is fhéin in the North, as it is in all connections in the South.

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