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-e, -ean, sf Circle, circuit, cycle, zone, circumference. 2 Circulation. 3 Bound. 4 Expedition, excursion, tour, journey, walk, pilgrimage. 5 Visit, sojourning. 6 Repetition. 7 Circumlocution. 8 Tier of planks in shipbuilding. 9 Pommel. 10 Round ball or knob in Architecture. 11 Whirl, eddy. 12 Set of tunes on the pipes. 13 Compass. 14** General gathering of sheep. 15‡‡ Anus. 16(DMK) Rounded piece of wood for strengthening the attachment of the gunwale of a boat to the stem and stern posts. Cuairt na gaoithe, the eddy of the wind; trì chuairt, thrice; luchd-faire air cuairtibh, watchmen on their rounds; a' chiad chuairt, the first round; chan eil annainn ach luchd-cuairt air an talamh, we are only travellers on the earth; chaidh sinn air chuairt don Ghalltachd, we went on a tour to the Lowlands; cainnt gun chuairt, language without circumlocution; cuairt na fala, the circulation of the blood; theirig mun cuairt, get round about; mun cuairt de dheich bliadhna, about ten years; air chuairt, sojourning; thoir cuairt air a' phìob, air an fhidhill, take a turn at the pipes, at the violin; car mun cuairt aca, they taking turns at it, taking it alternately.

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theirig 1
Teirigidh 1
walk 0
teirigeachdainn 1
teireachdainn 1
wear 50