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-idh, sm Spreading, act of spreading, stretching out, extending. 2 Scattering, net of scattering or dispersing. 3 Dispersion, diffusion. 4 Dishevelling. 5 Enlarging, act of enlarging, dilating or expanding. 6 Dismissing, act of dismissing, rending away or giving leave of departure. 7 Act of divulging, revealing, promulgating or publishing. 8 Loosing, act of loosing. 9 Dissolving. 10 Untying. 11 Unsewing, act of unsewing. 12 State of being unsewed. 13 Rent in cloth or leather. 14 State of being unfolded. 15 Laceration. 16†† Fraying. 17** Destroying. A' sgaoileadh, pr pt of sgaoil. Theab e sgaoileadh, he nearly burst (with laughter); bu chian ar sgaoileadh, far apart were we dispersed.

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