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pr pt a' tarraing, va & n. Draw, pull. 2 Draw, attract, allure, lead. 3 Take the liquor from a cask. 4 Haul, pull along. 5 Draw near, approach, advance. 6 Extract distil, as strong drink. 7 Aim. 8** Teaze. Bi tarraing! off with you, away! Perthshire; an tarraing thu a-mach lebhiathan le dubhan? can'st thou draw leviathan with a hook? tharraing e an t-iongar, it extracted the matter from the tumour; tharraing mi air, I assaulted him; le do chlàrsaich dlùth, draw near with your harp; tha an laoch a' tarraing a bhuille, the hero aims his blow; tairngidh mi e, I will draw it; tarraing air d' ais, draw back; tarraing a-mach, protract, lengthen; tarraing am fagas, draw near; tarraing ás a chéile, pull asunder; tarraing claidheamh, draw a sword; tarraing dealbh, draw a picture; tarraing fodar, draw straw for thatching. The ends of threshed straw are drawn asunder and placed in one hand and the process is repeated until all the broken straw is dropped and what remains is long, smooth and even. Drawn straw in some districts was used only for placing under the corn on the kiln when the grain was hardened at home and in consequence, some of the terms for it are defined as though they applied only when it was used for this purpose. Other materials, as rushes, a species of grass &c. were used for thatch — CR. tarraing fuil, draw blood, let blood; tarraing gu crìch, draw to a conclusion; tarraing suas, draw up; tarraing suas ris, address, speak to him, cultivate his acquaintance; tarraing d' anail, draw your breath.

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