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-aige, -an, sf Bubble on the surface of liquids. 2 Cock of bay or barley, when built in little cocks on the rigs or ground. 3¶ Tufted dun bird, pochard {aythya ferina}. 4(JM) Lapwing {vanellus vanellus}, so called on account of the tuft of feathers at back of head resembling the “curraicean” worn by women in olden times, see adharcan- luachrach. 5** Sandpiper {actitis hypoleucos}. An uair a bhios curracag air Cruachan, cha bhi pathadh air Urchaidh, when there is a cap (of clouds) on Ben Cruachan, the River Orchy will not suffer from thirst.

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