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irr v Give, grant, deliver, bestow on. 2 Take. 3 (with prep air) Persuade, compel. 4 (with prep ás) Take away. 5 (with prep air and noun intervening governed by the verb) Betake thyself to.
Active Voice:
IND past thug mi etc, I etc gave.
IND fut bheir mi etc, I etc shall give.
INTERR & NEG past (an? nach? cha) dug mi etc, did I etc (not) give? I etc did not give.
INTERR & NEG fut (an? nach? cha) tabhair or toir mi etc, shall I etc (not) give? I etc shall not give.
SUBJ past (ged) bheirinn, though I would give; (ged) bheireadh tu, e, i, sibh, iad, (though) you, he, she, you, they would give; (ged) bheireamaid, (though) we would give.
SUBJ fut (ma) bheir mi etc, (if) I etc shall give.
IMPER 1st pers sing thugam, let me give.
IMPER 2nd pers thoir or thabhair, give you (sing).
INFIN a thabhairt, a thoirt, to give.
PRES PART a' tabhairt, a' toirt, giving.
Passive Voice:
IND past thugadh mi etc, I etc was given.
IND fut bheirear mi etc, I etc shall be given.
INTERR & NEG past (an? nach? cha) dugadh mi etc, was I etc (not) given? I etc was (not) given.
INTERR & NEG fut (an? nach? cha) doirear mi etc, shall I etc (not) be given? I etc shall not be given.
SUBJ past (ged) bheirteadh mi etc, (though) I etc should be given.
SUBJ fut (ma) bheirear mi etc, (if) I etc should be given.
PAST PART tugta, given.
► This verb has two other forms for the past subjunctive, which are used after interrogative and negative particles. They are, (an? nach?) doirinn, would I (not) give; cha doirinn, I would not give; and (nan) dugainn, (if) I would give. These two forms are conjugated as bheirinn, in the various persons — (sing 1st -inn, 2nd -eadh, 3rd -eadh; pl 1st -eamaid, 2nd -eadh, 3rd -eadh). The past subjunctive passive, bheirteadh, is impersonal and requires a prepositional pronoun after it to distinguish it from the same tense of beir. Bheirteadh mi, I was born; bheirteadh dhomh, (it) was given to me. The passive voice has parallel impersonal forms, as an doirteadh, would (it) be given and an dugadh, ma theirteadh, if it would be said, but, nan abairteadh; bhon chiteadh, since it would be seen; but, nach faicteadh, would it not be seen; ged gheibhteadh, though it should be got; but, mur faighteadh e, if it should not be got. The word thabhair may be substituted for thoir in the following, or any similar sentences. Thabhair (or thoir) air falbh, take away, carry off; thabhair (or thoir) leat e, carry it with you; thoir a-mach, win; thugadh a-mach a' chiad duais leis, he won the first prize; bheir iad a-mach nithean àrda, they will do (win) great things; thug mi sìorraidh asam, I made a dart (or bound); thug mi sgiutadh asam, I made a dart (or bound); thug mi saighde asam, I made a dart (or bound); thug e mo char agus mo leth-char asam, he cheated me all round; thoir seo d' a ionnsaigh, take this to him; thoir d' an ionnsaigh, take to them; thugaibh am monadh oirbh, betake yourselves to the mountain; thoir a-bhos, reach, fetch me here; thoir aichmheil, avenge; thoir air, compel, force, persuade (him); thoir air ais, withdraw; thoir aire, attend, observe; thoir air falbh, take away; thoir a-mach, take out; descry, spy; thoir an aghaidh, advance; thoir an aire, take care, beware; thoir an doras ort, go to the door; thoir an geall, bet, pawn, pledge, mortgage; thoir ás, take away, flee, escape; thoir ás a chéile, disjoin, tear asunder; thoir ás e, swig it off, gulp it up; take it out of it; thoir ás thu fhéin, flee, deliver yourself; thoir a-staigh, bring in; tame; cultivate as new ground; thoir a-staigh ort, get in with you, get into the house; thoir breith, judge, decide; give the sense; thoir bhuaithe, bring from, deprive (him) of it; thoir buidheachas, give thanks; thoir car ás, cheat him; thoir ceum, step, make a step; thoir comas (do), enable, give, afford an opportunity; thoir comhairle (do), advise; thoir cuideachd, bring together; thoir dhomh, give me ; bring; thoir do chasan leat! take yourself off!; clear outW of Ross; thoir do leabaidh ort, go to bed; thoir dùbhlan, challenge; thoir duibh-leum, bound; thoir eugh, cry; thoir éisteachd, listen; thoir fainear, attend, consider; thoir feum ás, use it, apply it to use; thoir fianais, witness; thoir fios (do), acquaint, inform; warn; invite; thoir fo ghéill, subdue; thoir freagradh (do), answer; thoir géill, yield, submit, obey, surrender, admit, concede; na, toir géill dha, pay no attention to anything he says; thoir gu buil, bring to a successful termination; thoir ionnsaigh (air), attempt, make an attempt (to do it); make an attack (on him); thoir leat, carry, carry away, bring or take; thoir leum, jump; thoir luadh (air), (or dèan luadh), mention, make mention; thoir luigheachd (do), pardon; thoir mathanas (do), pardon, forgive; thoir mionnan, swear; thoir muidhe, churn, make butter — W of Ross; thoir na buinn ás, take to your heels; thoir na buinn asad, take to your heels; thoir na casan asad, take to your heels; thoir oidhirp, attempt, make an attack; thoir orm, prevail with me; thoir orra, compel them; thoir saighde asad, make a dart or dash at anything; thoir seachad, relinquish, deliver, give up; thoir sgal, scream, shriek; thoir sgoil (do), educate; thoir sgiutadh, dart, bolt; thoir sgread, scream, shriek; thoir siorradh, dart, bolt; thoir sìos, lower, take down; thoir smachd, chastise, rebuke; thoir suas (e), yield, cede, surrender, abdicate, give up, resign (it); thoir tàmailt (do), offend, insult; thoir thairis (do), cease, give over; give over from fatigue; resign, abdicate, surrender; thoir thairis e, bring him over; overfatigue him; thug e thairis, he knocked himself up; thoir thu fhéin ás! begone! thoir tuairmeas, guess; thoir urram, pay respect, reverence.

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