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-an & -achan, sf Glass. 2 Drinking glass. 3* Bumper. 4 Window-glass. 5(DMC) The measure of a drinking-glass. Gloine uinneig, a pane; cinnidh uisge 'na ghloine cruaidh, water shall turn into hard glass; gloine nan Draoidh, the druids' glass or druids' egg — called in the south of Scotland, adderstanes; gloine uisge-beatha, a glass of whisky. [Gloine nan Draoidh was in high esteem among the Druids. It was one of their distinguishing badges and was accounted to possess the most extraordinary virtues. There is a passage in Pliny's Natural History, book xix, minutely describing the nature and properties of this amulet. The following is a translation of it. “There is a sort of egg in great repute among the Gauls, of which the Greek writers have made no mention. A vast number of serpents are twisted together in summer and coiled up in an artificial knot by their saliva and slime and this is called the serpent's egg. The Druids say that it is tossed in the air with hissings and must be caught in a cloak before it touches the earth. The person who thus intercepts it, flies on horseback; for the serpents pursue him until prevented by intervening water. This egg, though bound in gold, will swim against the stream. And as the magi are cunning to conceal their frauds, they give out that this egg must be obtained at a certain age of the moon. I have seen that eggs as large and round as a common sized apple, in a chequered cartilaginous cover, and worn by the Druids. It is wonderfully extolled for gaining lawsuits and access to kings. It is a badge which is worn with such ostentation, that I knew a Roman knight, a Vocontian, who was slain by the stupid emperor Claudius, merely because he wore it in his breast when a lawsuit was pending.” Huddleston's edition of Toland gives some very ingenious conjectures on the subject of this enigmatical Druids' egg. The amulets of glass and stone, which are still preserved and used with implicit faith in many parts of Scottish Gaeldom and are conveyed, for the cure of diseases to a great distance, seem to have their origin in this bauble of ancient priestcraft — **].

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